Which Type of Witch Are You? A Magical Journey Through 10 Enchanting Archetypes



Ever wondered which witchy path aligns with your spirit? Whether you’re drawn to the moonlit skies, the roaring sea, or the quiet of the forest, there’s a magical archetype calling your name. Autumn Ember invites you on a whimsical journey to discover your inner witch.

From the wise Hedge Witch navigating the realms beyond to the vibrant Kitchen Witch brewing potions of love and healing, find out which witch you truly are in this fun, buzzfeed-style exploration.

  1. The Green Witch: Do you feel most alive with your hands buried in the earth, nurturing plants and herbs? Green Witches are connected to the earth and use plants in their magic, healing, and cooking. They have a deep respect for nature and often practice eco-friendly magic.
  2. The Kitchen Witch: Is the kitchen your sanctuary? Kitchen Witches find magic in the mundane, from brewing a cup of tea to baking bread. Their spells are often in the form of recipes, and they infuse their meals with love, protection, and healing energies.
  3. The Hedge Witch: Are you drawn to the thin veil between worlds? Hedge Witches are masters of astral projection, lucid dreaming, and communicating with spirits. They walk between the worlds, bringing back wisdom and guidance from beyond.
  4. The Sea Witch: Is the call of the ocean irresistible to you? Sea Witches are connected to water and the moon, drawing their power from the tides. They work with shells, sea glass, and driftwood, and they understand the deep, emotional undercurrents of magic.
  5. The Urban Witch: Do you find magic in the city’s heartbeat? Urban Witches weave their spells amidst skyscrapers and subway lines, finding enchantment in city parks and street markets. They are adept at shielding, grounding, and making sacred spaces in small apartments.
  6. The Solitary Witch: Do you prefer to walk your path alone, guided by your intuition? Solitary Witches may draw from various traditions, but they practice alone, developing a personal practice that evolves over time.
  7. The Eclectic Witch: Do you borrow elements from various paths to create something uniquely yours? Eclectic Witches mix and match practices from different traditions, blending them into a personalized form of witchcraft that suits their individual needs and beliefs.
  8. The Cosmic Witch: Are you fascinated by the stars and the mysteries of the universe? Cosmic Witches focus on astrology, planetary alignments, and celestial events, tapping into the vast energies of the cosmos for guidance and power.
  9. The Elemental Witch: Do you feel a kinship with the elements of fire, water, air, and earth? Elemental Witches work closely with these forces, understanding their subtle influences on the world and using them to balance and enhance their magic.
  10. The Traditional Witch: Do you have a deep respect for old ways and ancient wisdom? Traditional Witches adhere to the practices of their ancestors, preserving the old rites and rituals, often with a focus on a particular historical or cultural tradition of witchcraft.

So, which witch are you? Whether you’re just starting on your magical journey or you’re a seasoned practitioner, there’s always more to explore and discover about yourself and the magic that resonates with your soul. Embrace your unique path, for it’s your individuality that makes your magic truly powerful. Share your witchy archetype with us, and let’s celebrate the diversity and beauty of all paths woven together in the tapestry of the craft.

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