Enchanting Encounters: Safeguarding Yourself from the Fae Folk



Protecting oneself while dealing with the Fae is crucial, as these beings can be unpredictable and have their own set of rules and customs. Here are some essential practices and precautions that a magic user or witch can take to protect themselves during interactions with the Fae:

Iron and Cold Iron: In many folklore traditions, iron is believed to have a repelling effect on Fae beings. Carrying a small iron object, such as a nail or a charm, can act as a protective talisman. Cold iron, in particular, is thought to be especially effective in warding off malevolent Fae.

Salt and Herbs: Salt is a potent purifying agent in various magical practices. Creating a protective circle of salt before engaging with the Fae can act as a barrier to unwanted influences. Certain herbs, like St. John’s Wort, are also believed to have protective properties against malevolent Fae entities.

A salt circle is a powerful ward when dealing with malevolent faeries

Offerings: When interacting with the Fae, consider leaving offerings of milk, honey, or other items they are known to appreciate. These offerings can serve as a gesture of goodwill and may encourage positive interactions.

Gifts of Glamour: To protect oneself from Fae enchantments or glamours, carrying a gift from the Fae can be helpful. Some believe that possessing a gift from the Fae can grant protection against their manipulative magic.

Never Eat Their Food: In folklore, consuming food or drink offered by the Fae can bind a person to their realm or make them susceptible to their influence. It is advised to politely decline any food or drink offered by faeries.

Play it safe and do not eat the faerie food

Truthful Speech: Be cautious about the promises or agreements you make with the Fae. Always be truthful in your dealings, as faeries can be offended by deception and may seek retribution.

Polite Language and Respect: Speak respectfully when addressing the Fae and avoid using offensive language or terms. Politeness and respect are highly regarded by these beings.

Avoid Bargaining or Asking for Favors: Refrain from making demands or bargaining with the Fae. Such actions can be seen as disrespectful and may lead to negative consequences.

If you are at risk of engaging with the Fae, please check out our guide to negotiations and bargains with the Fae.

Create Sigils or Protective Charms: Craft and wear sigils or charms specifically designed for protection against Fae influence. These symbols can act as a shield and safeguard your interactions.

a charm to ward off malevolent faerie magic

Trust Your Intuition: Listen to your instincts during encounters with the Fae. If you sense danger or discomfort, it’s best to withdraw respectfully and return at a later time.

Remember, the Fae are not to be underestimated, and their intentions can be difficult to decipher. While engaging with them can be a fascinating experience, it’s essential to approach with caution, respect, and a healthy dose of skepticism. Protection is vital in any magical practice, and when working with beings as enigmatic as the Fae, it becomes even more critical to ensure your safety and well-being.

Click here to learn more about dealing with the Fae people. It pays to be prepared!

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