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Astrid Moonglow

Date Article Title Categories
11/29/2023 Unearth the Magic of Wildcrafting: A Guide to Responsible Plant Harvesting FEATURED, LIFESTYLE, GARDENING
10/15/2023 The Power of Lunar Magic: Harnessing the Moon’s Energy for Spells SPELLWEAVING, SPELL BOOK
08/21/2023 The Power of Sound in Your Craft: Using Bells, Chimes, and Singing Bowls TOOLS OF THE TRADE

Aurora Blaze

Date Article Title Categories
11/26/2023 Aromatic Alchemy: Learn How to Make Your Own Magical Incense! LIFESTYLE, CRAFTS, TOOLS OF THE TRADE
08/10/2023 Creating a Self-Love Spell Jar: Your Ultimate Guide to Crafting Love from Within LIFESTYLE, CRAFTS, HOME & DECOR
06/07/2023 The Great Cauldron Debate: Unveiling the Magickal Potions’ Secret Ingredient FEATURED, TOOLS OF THE TRADE
05/17/2023 Witchy Wardrobe: How to Build a Chic and Sustainable Witchy Fashion Collection FASHION

Autumn Ember

Date Article Title Categories
11/23/2023 How to Bond with Your Familiar: Tips for Developing Strong Magickal Connections FEATURED, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, PETS & FAMILIARS
05/16/2023 Using herbs for dream magic and lucid dreaming FEATURED, LIFESTYLE, GARDENING

Hazel Woods

Date Article Title Categories
06/02/2023 “Akata Witch” Review: Embrace Your Magic and Unleash Your Inner Heroine! DARK ARTS, BOOKS
05/24/2023 Love Spells 101: How to Cast a Spell to Attract Your Dream Partner FEATURED, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS

Ivy Ravenwood

Date Article Title Categories
11/21/2023 Create Your Own Magical Sigils with This Art Tutorial CRAFTS, TOOLS OF THE TRADE
07/27/2023 A Guide to Working with the Fae: Unveiling the Secrets of the Enchanted Realm FEATURED, HISTORY & LORE
07/27/2023 Enchanting Encounters: Safeguarding Yourself from the Fae Folk HISTORY & LORE
07/27/2023 A Guide To Negotiating And Bargaining With The Fae HISTORY & LORE
05/06/2023 The magic of flowers: using flowers in your spells and rituals GARDENING, SPELLWEAVING

Juniper Frost

Date Article Title Categories
11/19/2023 Finding Enchantment in Every Aisle: Exploring the Secrets of the Magical Marketplace ADVICE, LIFESTYLE
08/22/2023 Ask Juniper Frost – Your Witchcraft and Wicca Questions Answered – August Edition LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, ADVICE, COVEN POLITICS
07/12/2023 Ask Juniper Frost – Your Witchcraft and Wicca Questions Answered LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, ADVICE, COVEN POLITICS
06/02/2023 The Magic of Colors: Unleashing Spellbinding Energy with Color Correspondences FEATURED, SPELLWEAVING
05/24/2023 How to create a sacred space in your home LIFESTYLE, HOME & DECOR

Luna Nightshade

Date Article Title Categories
08/22/2023 🌙✨How to Be a Good Coven Member: Tips for Supporting and Uplifting Your Witchy Sisters✨🌙 ADVICE, COVEN POLITICS
08/22/2023 🌙✨Maleficent: A Witch’s Gossipy Review✨🌙 DARK ARTS, MOVIES, TV & VIDEO
06/02/2023 Tarot Love Readings: What Your Cards Are Telling You About Your Love Life LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, SPELLWEAVING>
05/25/2023 Song Review – Apashe – Witch (ft. Alina Pash) DARK ARTS, MOVIES, TV & VIDEO, MUSIC
05/16/2023 The History of Witch’s Familiars: A Look at Our Magickal Companions FEATURED, PETS & FAMILIARS

Raven Nightingale

Date Article Title Categories
07/11/2023 How to make and imbue your own spell candles CRAFTS
05/24/2023 Witchy Date Ideas: Creative and Magical Date Night Suggestions LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS

Ruby Rosewood

Date Article Title Categories
11/30/2023 12 Zodiac Signs as Witchy Personalities – Astrology for Witches WITCHY FUN
11/25/2023 Finding Strength Through Unity – Strategies for Dealing With Cliques and Exclusion as a Witch LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, COVEN POLITICS
11/17/2023 Exploring the Impact of The Blair Witch Project on Witches and Wiccans 24 Years Later DARK ARTS, MOVIES, TV & VIDEO
06/02/2023 Glimmering Magic: DIY Crystal Candles for Your Altar CRAFTS

Sapphire Starlight

Date Article Title Categories
02/09/2024 A whimsical guide to pet names for potential familiars WITCHY FUN, PETS & FAMILIARS
08/21/2023 Dark and Edgy: The Appeal of Gothic Fashion for Witches LIFESTYLE, FASHION, FEATURED
06/07/2023 Witchy Boho: Weaving Hippie Fashion with Enchanting Witchy Vibes FASHION, FEATURED
05/06/2023 How to wield the power of moon phases in your craft, example spells included! SPELL BOOK

Willow Moonstone

Date Article Title Categories
02/09/2024 Friday Fables: Seraphina the Witch of Time, or how to enchant your way to temporal temult. HISTORY & LORE
11/28/2023 Discovering the Ancient Wisdom of Salt: A Guide to Using it in Your Rituals & Spells SPELLWEAVING, HISTORY & LORE, TOOLS OF THE TRADE
11/17/2023 Discovering the Potency of a Pentacle: Unveiling Its Power in Witchcraft FASHION, SPELLWEAVING, TOOLS OF THE TRADE
06/14/2023 2023 Home Decor Trends for the Modern Witch: The Rise of Neon and Futuristic Accents LIFESTYLE, HOME & DECOR
05/17/2023 Hollywood’s Most Powerful Witches: Unveiling the Spellbinding Stars That Cast a Magickal Spell on the Silver Screen! CELEBRITIES & ENTERTAINMENT, FEATURED
05/06/2023 Song Review – Devon Cole – W.I.T.C.H. DARK ARTS, MOVIES, TV & VIDEO, MUSIC
05/06/2023 The power of intention setting in your craft SPELLWEAVING