🌙✨Maleficent: A Witch’s Gossipy Review✨🌙



Hey there, my bewitching baddies! 🌌 So, I took a break from potion-making and charm-casting this weekend to indulge in some magical movie time, and guess what I picked? Maleficent! I mean, when you’re a young and fun witch like me, who wouldn’t be drawn to the allure of one of Disney’s most iconic enchantresses? Grab your broomsticks, ’cause we’re diving deep into this fantastical flick!

Angelina Jolie is striking as Maleficent

👗 A Moment for Angelina’s Fashion: First things first, can we talk about how divine Angelina Jolie looked as Maleficent? That horned headdress, the elegant capes, and oh, those cheekbones! It’s like couture met the coven. Honestly, it’s giving me major #WitchWardrobeGoals. I’m even thinking of revamping my attire. How do you think I’d look in a horned headpiece for the next full moon gathering? Too much? Never!

🔮 Disney Witches Pecking Order: Alright, so we’ve seen a cauldron-full of Disney witches over the years. But where does our darling Maleficent stand? In the ranks of Ursula, the Evil Queen, and others, I’d say Maleficent soars (literally) at the top! It’s not just about her power; it’s her depth, her story, and her fierce individuality. Plus, she has wings AND a raven. Come on, she’s the total package!

Maleficent is a cultural icon by any measure

💔 Misunderstood, Not Malevolent: Now, this is where things get spellbindingly interesting. The movie does a spectacular job of showing us Maleficent’s side of the story. I mean, sure, cursing a baby isn’t exactly ‘Witch of the Year’ material, but her backstory gives us all the feels. It’s a tale of betrayal, lost love, and finding redemption. Maybe she’s not evil; she’s just been through some rough patches (haven’t we all?). It makes you wonder: How many times have we misjudged someone based on a single act?

👯‍♀️ Standing With Our Sister: After watching, I couldn’t help but think, maybe it’s time we, the magical community, rally around our misunderstood sisters. Witches, warlocks, magical creatures – we’ve all been misinterpreted once or twice, right? Maleficent shows us the importance of seeing beyond the surface, of understanding before judging. If we stand together, celebrate our differences, and uplift one another, just imagine the magic we could create!

Maleficent basks in a healthy green aura

🌟 Final Spells & Thoughts: All in all, Maleficent is a visual and emotional treat. It’s a fabulous reminder that every story has more than one side, and every witch (or fairy) deserves a chance to tell theirs. Watch it for the enchanting realms, the gripping drama, or just to fawn over Angelina’s mesmerizing look (no judgment!). And the next time you’re at a magical gathering, maybe float the idea: “Maleficent, not malevolent.” I think it could catch on! 😉

Until our next magical movie night, stay sparkly and always stir your potions clockwise (unless you’re feeling a tad wicked)!

✨Witchy Kisses & Starry Wishes✨

~~~ LUNA

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